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We are used to our charger only charging a device, but what if you could charge the phone with many more USB? Yes, you should think about looking for chargers with more than one USB. It seems too much, but after all you end up using them.

They are very practical, especially if you have more than one device. In addition, the vast majority of alternatives on the market have several fast charge connectors, coupled with a Quick Charge Quick Charge port from Qualcomm. Although of course, to enjoy this technology your device must be compatible. Otherwise, you will not make the most of all that power.


There is a type of charger that I recently discovered that I find ideal for desks or workstations. These are charging stations or USB hubs with many ports whose sole purpose is to charge your devices. The advantage: they are elegant, they fit anywhere and allow you to have a fixed place to carry out the loads.

Undoubtedly the best option in this section is the charger that our partner Fernando showed us in the article that is above: the multiple charger of Xiaomi. Available in Gearbest, it is for just over 20 euros. It has 6 ports, of which 1 is type C, another fast charging and the rest normal USB chargers. A must for your study or work center.




Until now, a power strip had always had the plug connectors of a lifetime. In the modern era, almost everything is loaded via USB in the absence of power to the wall, so if you had not thought about USB strips and fast charging, it is the best time for it.


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