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A robot that will help children Under the name of #SimaRobotForSchool the first educational social robot in Latin America was officially launched, SIMA Robot took three years to complete a finished and tested product to improve the quality of children’s education in preschool and school age.

The robot, about 24 centimeters high and about 450 grams in weight, composed of a robotic body and a smartphone, powered by Artificial Intelligence and a content platform, is able to recognize the voice of people; understanding contextual language; performs visual pattern analysis; eight degrees of freedom of mobility; it is absolutely customizable to be able to load the contents that it delivers to its user.

Our intention is for SIMA to be a companion for games and learning. That is why we have developed different contents along with plans aligned with the education curriculum of the MINEDUC and in addition to delivering competencies of the XXI Century, such as computational thinking and the early generation of socio-emotional skills, “explains Virginia (who is an educator specializing in Psychology professional).

Meanwhile, Felipe Araya, notes that “Our technology is relevant (not in a local Latin American environment), but global, since SIMA is formatted to enter the world STEAM and SEL, acronym in English for the delivery of science content (science), technology (technology), engineering (engineering), arts (arts) and mathematics (mathematics); along with a social and emotional learning (learning) “.

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