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Are you going on a trip and want to be calm? These surveillance cameras allow you to control your home from a ‘smartphone’. We tested the six most prominent models

keep the appearance that the house is still inhabited or not divulge our consent commenting, for example, our summer plans on social networks. But there are other precautions, and in this case they are technological: install a video surveillance system.

In the case of choosing to have a system of security cameras at home to stay calmer during the holidays, the only option that was until not long ago was to hire the services of a private security company, which installs the traditional sensors of movements so that the alarm goes off when someone accesses the house. But with the popularization of domestic video surveillance cameras, the stage has been transformed. With an Internet connection and an application installed on the mobile phone, it is possible to control what happens in the home, receive alerts when an intruder is detected and even activate an audible alarm. And without additional expenses.

Thanks to its resolution of 720 pixels (HD) images are clearly seen both day and night – it has 10 infrared LED lights -. The only limitation we have found is in the size of the rooms: there are no problems if they are not very large (around 20-25 m2), but the quality of the images gets worse when they are older and we want to see something that is further away .

Another of its peculiarities is the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees, which helps to get a panoramic view of the room. Configuration and control are carried out from the Mi Home application – the same as all Xiaomi- home devices – and it is a really simple task guided step by step.

On the other hand, the interface of this application also invites to take photos and record videos, although it is possible to configure it to send a warning to the smartphone if it detects any presence while recording a 10-second clip that guarantees that the incident is recorded . It also incorporates a bidirectional microphone that allows you to chat with the person in front of the camera, although in this case the sound quality is very fair.

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