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Xiaomi has been adding to her family of different devices that make life easier for humans for more than three years. One of the products that most attracts our attention in this nice group of products for the home are the smart house locks.
The Asian company has added a new lock to its My house system. This new intelligent lock comes manufactured by the company Yunding Network Technology, which is the same as the same company that has launched its previous smart locks on Youpin. Unlike the other versions, this version comes in a pink color and is more economical.

This lock has extra features that a conventional lock does not offer. We found a numerical panel to close and alarm the house since this lock is connected to the Internet to warn in case of struggle or opening it.


The lock can be opened using the My Home app, by fingerprint sensor, by key and by key in case of emergency. This lock is also included in the My Home app and allows you to create smart scenes, such as the door opening and the camera starting to record.

It should be noted that this lock supports temperatures of -55┬║, more 50 fingerprints can be added for recognition to enter the house. Every time the door is opened the lock will send us a notification as well as if they try to force it.

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