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The smallest of the house can also enjoy their own smart watch for children.

Smartwatches for children offer a multitude of useful functions, such as educational games with which they can spend long hours of fun, camera, possibility to send and receive messages only to authorized numbers, send an alert message, there are even models with GPS that they allow you to always know where you are.

Fitbit says it will never show children data such as percentages of calories burned or body fat. When the minors see the device, other information of the physical activity of the day, the hours of sleep and challenges appear to invite them to do at least one hour of exercise or activity per day.

With the Fitbit Ace 2 you can also put reminders, alarms, timers and call alerts. This is one of the attractions for parents, who think that their children can receive alerts and notifications during the day, when their phones should theoretically be silent, Engadget said.

The new bracelets are thicker, giving the impression of being a more durable children’s Fitbit. The company says it is waterproof and that thanks to its ratchet strap should serve children for longer as they grow up normally. Your battery should last about five days per charge.

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