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According to the World Meteorological Organization, the levels of greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere have reached an unprecedented new maximum, for this reason many companies have chosen to create technologies that reduce these gases that end with the environment.

In this line of social responsibility, the LG brand generated new eco-efficient technologies applied to appliances that are helping to reduce annually around 60 million tons of Greenhouse Gas. This is the case of the TwinWash washing machine that has the Turbo Wash technology that saves 21% of energy, reducing the time needed to make two washes in up to 37 minutes.

“This is the first washing machine in the world capable of washing and centrifuging two loads at the same time.When that is possible, the product begins to deliver several benefits for the consumer and the environment,” said John Fredy Giraldo, Marketing leader of White Line and Washing in LG.

Reduces the washing time by half, since it allows to separate the colored and white garments. Also, thanks to the fact that this product is two washing machines in the same body, two washing ‘batches’ can be carried out in the same cycle.

This washing machine reduces the washing time to 37 minutes and saves 33% of water consumption. Front-loading washing machines, such as the Twinwhash, consume 300 to 500 liters less per year than a top-loading machine.
This technology is developed so that each washing machine works individually or simultaneously.
This product saves up to 37% energy compared to a conventional washing machine.

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