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The smartphone is, today, an essential element for daily life. With him we attend to work and school matters; we communicate with family, friends and colleagues; We consult information and even use it to entertain ourselves with music, movies or videogames. Needless to say, the photographic section, because in many cases has replaced the cameras.

The possibilities of smartphones are so many that, to be able to carry them out, the accessories and peripherals for the mobile are equally necessary to facilitate these tasks. And to make it even simpler, many of these add-ons are completely wireless today.


The convenience of simply placing your smartphone on a charging pad or stand cannot be overstated. No more fumbling with cables.


When you have multiple devices to charge, but there’s only one power outlet available, USB wall chargers — also called charging hub or charging stations – can be a lifesaver. With a wall charger, you won’t have to carry as many power cables and AC adapters.


In the recurrent use of the device, it is much more convenient to ‘put and remove’ the smartphone from a charging base without physical connection, than to put and remove the cable. At any time, we take the device that is resting on the loading surface, we use it, and we can put it back without having to ‘pull’ the cable. This is an advantage, which leads us to the second: there is no wear on the physical connector, for being putting and removing the cable.

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